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Data can’t save our department stores

Can someone explain how retailers that sit on some of the world’s richest sources of big data, fail to compete with those who, in some instances, have none?

The theatre of Christmas retailing

Brian Walker says it’s showtime for retailers – and time to maximise trade during the crucial period.

All it takes is enhanced basics to win

To win in retail you don’t engage in a race to the bottom.

Kiwi exports hit April high

Merchandise exports hit highest level ever for an April month.

How Kmart made ‘cheap’ cool

Why the discount department store has sustained 120 per cent growth per year for the last eight years.

Discount fatigue

It has been around for many years but is getting worse and now become endemic.

You know you’re a retailer when…

Why retailers can never switch off – even when not on the job.

It’s all about the merchandise

Stuart Bennie on the demise of a 120-year-old department store.

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