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Has consumerism taken over Christmas?

Two marketing experts discuss.


Woke washing: what happens when marketing communications don’t match corporate practice

Companies seeking to embrace corporate social activism must also have patience.


Digital assistants like Alexa and Siri might not be offering you the best deals

Your home digital assistant is always listening, but is it always offering you the best content?

Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste

Book on Steinhoff’s demise shows danger of ‘big men’ business leaders

Crucial lessons on the collapse of Steinhoff.


Why we think businesses are out to get us

Why people view successful businesses as evil.


How to stop workers being exploited in the gig economy

Is technology going to provide quality jobs and increase people’s control over their work?

Shoes of Prey

The paradox of choice. Why made-to-order might not solve the fashion industry’s problems

If brands can tackle the barriers to customisation then it could have a future.


Why and how retailers turn everyday items into ‘must-have’ collectibles

Retailers’ collectibles campaigns linked with the psychology of consumers’ love to collect items.

gender discrimination

Gender differences at work: relishing competence or seeking a challenge?

While over-confident workers can be beneficial, perhaps more appreciation should be awarded to those who do excellent work within their capabilities.

DON-MEIJ Domino's pizza

Why shareholder value drives income inequality

Research shows that this compounding inequality is being driven by the increasing financialisation of corporations.

shopping-sale (1)

What’s really driving the future of retail?

Future technologies are likely to make the current cutting-edge redundant.

Dominos delivery

CEO pay is more about white male entitlement than value for money

Do CEOs really add so much to a company that they deserve these gargantuan salaries?

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