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COVID-19 has changed the future of retail: there’s plenty more automation in store

Until people feel safe shopping, dining and gathering in crowded public places, consumer aversion will remain.

Informal feedback: we crave it more than ever, and don’t care who it’s from

Benefits can come from feedback between colleagues, making managerial feedback non-essential.

A greener economy: how we make sustainability central to business

Three approaches based on 44 heads of sustainability at companies around the world.

A question of trust: should bosses be able to spy on workers, even when they work from home?

With employees working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, more companies felt the need to track them remotely.

By sacking staff and closing stores, big businesses like The Warehouse could hurt their own long-term interests

It’s disconcerting to see The Warehouse Group pushing ahead with major changes that conflict not only with their own values

A four-day working week could be the shot in the arm post-coronavirus tourism needs

Could having a four-day work week work? How would organisations do it? And what would the benefits be?

Jacinda Ardern

Open, honest and effective: what makes Jacinda Ardern an authentic leader

The key to the leader’s popularity is her authenticity.

Coronavirus has turned retail therapy into retail anxiety – keeping customers calm will be key to carrying on

A return to normal trading could still be a way off.

How the COVID-19 crisis could remodel the luxury industry

Confronted with the lasting effects of the crisis, significant changes in the industry are to be expected.

The pandemic budget: moving New Zealand from critical care to long-term recovery

In the face of COVID-19, what budget action is needed moving forward?

Beyond travel, a trans-Tasman bubble is an opportunity for Australia and NZ to reduce dependence on China

China still vital but balance is crucial

Pivot to pandemic: how advertisers are using (and abusing) the coronavirus to sell

The days of “what you see is what you get” have passed. It is now time for us to change the way we look at advertising.