Lizzi Hines

Lizzi Hines

Lizzi Hines, Author at Inside Retail

Retailer heavyweights hitting NZ shores

Aldi? Gap? Mango? Marks & Spencer? Abercrombie & Fitch? Apple? Ikea?

Millenials is the name, disrupting retail is the game

Whippersnappers demand seamless shopping experience.

Location most critical for retail success

Input of consultants or brokers who understand communities vital.

Pop up store serves pressed raw juice in keeping with times

State of the art even though here today and gone tomorrow.

Look out: Generation C is about

NZ business needs to think laterally and exponentially.

Importance of wayfinding to retail experience

Wayfinding to increase dwell time.

How much do you hate queuing?

Done wrong, virtual queuing can be disastrous, but done right, you’ll have those customers for life, says Lizzi Hines.

It’s all in the looks

Lizzi Hines’ checklist for making a store design pop.

How to choose a top designer

Lizzi Hines gives some advice on how to choose the best retail designer for your store.

The rise of ‘phygital’

The dawn of ‘phygital’ is here, writes Lizzi Hines.

Why use a designer?

Lizzi Hines explains why retailers should use a store designer.

Blink and its gone

Lizzi Hines talks future retail trends.