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Shop it Forward concept helps small businesses survive during COVID-19 lockdown

Kiwis being asked to buy now, receive later, to keep SMBs afloat.

Want to know how to survive COVID-19? Look to

The retailer went online during the SARS outbreak in 2003. Now it’s one of the biggest e-commerce companies in China.

Pharmacies provide new policies to stem coronavirus spread

Pharmacies will begin screening people before they enter the store.

NZ e-commerce repositions to meet government guidelines

Kiwis can only shop for essentials online in lockdown, leading many sites to reconfigure their offer.

Retailers react to online price gouging, panic buying

Trade Me enacts new emergency policy, and Countdown urges shoppers to be thoughtful.

AuMake temporarily shutters stores amid tourist travel bans

While its physical business struggles, AuMake’s online business is performing at record pace.

No regulations in place to prevent overpricing of products amid coronavirus fears, Trade Me says

Trade Me flouts industry norm, allows price gouging on health products.

Dip in overseas sales causes soft month for online retail spending

A 12 per cent drop in spending at offshore sites in January 2020 causes a decline in total online retail spending for the month.

Top 50 People in E-Commerce 2020 revealed

Accent Group’s Mark Teperson topped this year’s list of e-commerce leaders.

Mosaic survives bushfires, uncertain of virus impact

Mosaic Brands grew EBITDA and net profit for the first half.

Hallenstein Glasson grows sales in first half, but expects profit dip

Profit to be impacted by new accounting standard.

Bezos commits $10 billion to fight climate change

Amazon founder announces the Bezos Earth Fund.