Carbon offsetting tool launches in New Zealand

Source: CarbonClick’s website

Carbon offsetting tool CarbonClick has launched in New Zealand, and has partnered with Shopify, allowing local online retailers to reduce their carbon footprint while customers buy online. 

The tool prompts customers to take immediate action on climate change by presenting a button at checkout which will see a surcharge added to the purchase, notify CarbonClick of the purchase, and see the business purchase carbon offsets in order to minimise the purchases impact. 

“Our aim is to fight climate change for a sustainable and healthy planet. The first step to that is reducing our carbon, but if you can’t do that then offsetting is the next step,” CarbonClick chief executive Dave Rouse said. 

“‘Make it easy’ is the overwhelming response, request, and barrier to carbon offsetting right now.”

Rouse said the business has been overwhelmed with the positive response it has received from business leaders across New Zealand, and that customers are increasingly pushing businesses to act on social issues such as their carbon footprint. 

Online marketplace MightyApe also utilises the carbon offsetting tool in an effort to make its purchases more carbon friendly. 

“We’re looking forward to seeing the uptake from our customers, as well as the good we’ll be doing in New Zealand and beyond,” MightyApe general manager Alaistar Burns said. 

According to CarbonClick, about half of its offset projects are New Zealand permanent or native forestry projects. 


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