Travel e-commerce leads the pack

Shopping online, e-commerceApproximately one in ten Kiwis are shopping online, with airfares (62 per cent), books music and other media (50 per cent) and hotels (48 per cent) the most popular, according to new Mastercard research.

The survey of over 1,000 New Zealanders found the majority of New Zealanders use the internet to shop online, with 87 per cent saying they have made at least one purchase in the past three months. This is up 12 per cent from just two years ago (80 per cent in 2015 and 75 per cent in 2014).

“New Zealanders see online shopping as convenient and easy, and most people tend to get to know and trust their favourite online retailers,” said Peter Chisnall, country manager for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

“Increasingly we are seeing businesses use the e-commerce environment to provide customers with a great customer experience, fostering trust and loyalty.”

People who said they have not purchased anything online in the past three months said they prefer to look at the physical product (49 per cent) or cannot find anything they want to buy online (41 per cent).

“In terms of physical products, people still appreciate checking out goods out in person. However, as we can see from the survey, the convenience of online retailers is particularly valued for services like booking flights or securing tickets to a concert,” said Chisnall.

In terms of improving online shopping, Kiwis would most like to see free or minimal delivery charges (74 per cent), no additional service charges (48 per cent) and assurance of the security of transactions (41 per cent).


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