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Kiwis less likely to be brand “fans” than Aussies

How customers from each country rate their shopping experiences.

When the smoke clears, it’s all about product and experience

The management view that everything can be cut down to ‘international benchmarks’ is formulaic nonsense.

Store managers are the kingpins

Retailer’s need to pay a visit to this regional store to witness first hand what is happening there.

Customer service: a spontaneous echo

No amount of indoctrination will enthuse demonstrable passion from team members unless there is meaningful engagement.

Retail – no place to hide

Why retail is, and always has been, an open and honest industry.

Lust for technology impacting service

Is the lust for new tech solutions causing retailers to lose focus on service?

Customer service according to who?

Debunking key delusions surrounding customer service in retail.

Bridgestone wins gold in Quality Service Awards

Tyre retailer takes out gold in New Zealand’s Quality Service Awards.

Getting on the global stage

Key considerations to weigh up before launching into international markets.

Human touch in a tech-driven era

Why human interaction is key as technology drives retail innovation.

Customer service will make or break you

Bruce Cotterill’s account of customer service that will make you squirm.

Digital replaces human discussions

Face to face interactions are being replaced with electronic ones, say kiwis.