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Vaughan Ryan

Vaughan Ryan currently serves as the Managing Director of NielsenIQ’s Consumer Intelligence business in Asia. In this role, he leads his team in helping companies understand the consumers’ full shopping journey across both the offline and online environments. He is deeply devoted to making businesses better by understanding what their customers want and desire, not only today but more importantly into the future. He is passionate about understanding both current and future market trends and how this impacts consumer behavior. Having been able to do this in multiple markets in Australia, Europe, US, Canada, and Asia, he has become a highly respected industry expert who has presented to the C-suite of various major companies and at industry events. His areas of specialization include FMCG, the liquor industry, Finance, P&L, South East Asia, Consultancy, Consumer Research, Market Research, Learning and Development, Recruitment, and Team Management. Vaughan holds a master’s degree in International Business from Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia.

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