Graham Lack

Graham Lack

Graham Lack has over 35 years retail experience in senior management roles at Luxottica and Suzanne Grae. He has had management roles in Retail Operations, Finance, IT, Marketing, Merchandise Planning and Logistics. He holds a B.Sc and MBA.

Graham Lack, Author at Inside Retail


GMROI: The sacrificial lamb of retail

Despite many retailers knowing what GMROI stands for, its calculation and interpretation are not well known at all.


Allocations – black art or science?

Dismiss sizing and allocating as simple exercises at your own peril.


Exposing the cost of lost sales

You might be shocked at how much lost sales are costing your business.

business strategy 4

On being an entrepreneur

We’ve all had new ideas at work, but does that make us entrepreneurs?


The real power of omnichannel retailing

Most retailers in this day and age are probably at best multi-channel entities.


Apparel retailing – where to from here?

Part two: Maybe retailers are the rats and the customers have conditioned us.


Apparel retailing – where to from here?

The source of fashion retailing woes can actually be tracked back to the early 1980’s.

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Keeping the main thing, the main thing

So what exactly has the internet changed if not our fundamental consumer behaviour?

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