Dennis Price

Dennis Price

Dr Dennis Price is retail, marketing & strategy allrounder with a portfolio career of concurrent interests as Consultant & Coach (at Ganador), Entrepreneur (at Yearone Solutions), Academic (at AIB) and Retail Centre Management (at JLL). With an MBA and a DComm and over 30 years’ experience working in multiple industries across multiple continents, and with many successes and failures under the belt, he is well positioned to offer practical, yet often contrarian insights into the world of Consumer Behaviour. He does that as commentator at Inside Retail as well as writing prolifically on various platforms, and as a highly rated public speaker. He lives in the idyllic Kiama, NSW and can be reached at [email protected] or on 0411 030 436.

Dennis Price, Author at Inside Retail


Should retailers ‘take the knee’?

What role should business play in socio-political issues?


What no one tells you about e-commerce failures

10 lessons for bricks and mortar retailers.


When business models eat themselves

Modern businesses, now so seemingly invincible, are vulnerable at the core.


Retail fan or retail spectator?

The challenge we face is that we actually believe is incongruent with what we say – that is why we fail in the ‘execution’.

Macquarie Centre

A radical solution for retail innovation

Most challenges can be overcome if we want to do it and we have the technology to do it.

business technology, pricing strategy

What would you do today if you knew what would happen in 17 years’ time?

Executives don’t really want to know what the future will be like.


What value in a lease?

How can retailers dishonour contractual commitments with no/limited consequence?

St Lukes

Seven immutable truths of prosperous shopping centres

In the coming evolution of malls, there are a few self-evident truths to be considered.

business strategy, process, solution

What ails our retailers? Retailing with our eyes wide shut

Managers treat their companies like organisations, leaders treat their companies like an organism.

business strategy1

Achieving retail success amongst the carnage

How many of the things we ‘know’ about retail is myth and how many are facts?

online shopping concept

Trump is the kind of president New Zealand needs

Click bait annoys, but in bricks and mortar land we have the same thing.


This lies at the heart of retail failure

The solution is not big data, robotics, the CX or a better brand.

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