Kiwi retailers urged to invest more in technology training

(Source: Bigstock)

New Zealand retailers have been advised to invest in technology as well as upskill and learn more about the tech driving their businesses to avoid losing opportunities, and potentially money.

In the new digital-driven world, upskilling and learning are more important than ever, said Mark Presnell, MD of Auckland e-commerce integration company Convergence. 

“How can you make a proper and astute investment in technology when you don’t understand what you are buying,” Presnell said.

He added most of the retailers he meets rely on branded solutions with limited functionality and fail to acknowledge that it is possible to integrate all their technology into one seamless system.

Business owners should no longer leave technological decisions solely to experts because they cannot make good decisions without understanding.

“While the government works to eliminate barriers to technology adoption, businesses must take the initiative to educate themselves and integrate their operations.”

To get the best of technology through integration, Presnell recommends retailers try to understand their tech stack, learn how components interact, and seek automation opportunities.

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