Sully’s: Wellington’s sustainably sourced fashion boutique

Tucked away on Ghuznee Street is a small but mighty boutique that aims to tackle climate action through sustainable fashion.

Sully’s is run by Hannah Sullivan, who spent years learning the tricks of the trade in retail before opening her own store. 

From the get-go, she had a vision for what she wanted her shop to be – a place where people could go to find high-quality, sustainably sourced fashion in Pōneke.

To help with her sustainable journey, she uses the Sustainable Business Network tool Docket, which in partnership with Wellington City Council helps people find out how their business rates in six key areas of sustainability, showing the areas in which they are doing well and where they can improve and get free tools and resources to help.

At Sully’s, Hannah sells clothes, jewellery, and accessories, and every item is curated from New Zealand brands, or fashion brands overseas.

“There are some beautiful things out there in the world, and sometimes it feels like we don’t get a lot of opportunity to see those things here in New Zealand. I wanted to create something different where people could have easier access to those things and know that they are good quality products.”

Cabinet filled with jewelery and products on a shelf.

When she picks items for her store, she pays close attention to how they were produced and looks at all the finer details, such as how they will be supplied to her door. 

“Most of the items in the shop have an incredibly sustainable journey. We are really trying to promote longevity, instead of something that will wear out in a couple of months. We want items that will last years and years. 

“I like to know where things are made, who it’s made by and where things are made. I look out for small manufacturers in the country they’re coming from, and when they’re small the supply chain is really transparent. I also look at things like the fabrication and find things that will last forever, and if it’s a natural fibre, will it be durable.”

Items in a shop with a stripey pink and green bag with clothes hanging on a rack.

Hannah says that her knowledge of sustainability has grown so much since using Docket.

“I’m becoming more mindful every day of the sustainable journey. Using the tool has brought up conversations like how sometimes it’s easy to buy an item and never think about where those items came from. Or, a lot of people don’t think about the lengths a business has gone to make sure they’re thinking of their carbon footprint. 

“It’s even as simple as having a conversation with your suppliers and brands, and really learning about each step in the process. Docket has really helped encourage me to do that. I want to sell products that help the green journey, and maybe inspire others to do the same.” 

If you are interested in using Docket as part of your business, you can find out more information on the Sustainable Business Network website. Or, find out what you can do to take climate action on our website.

First published on Wellington City’s Our Wellington website.

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