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Shopping centres as cultural icons?

Michael Baker asks, did you hear the one about the shopping centre that became a cultural icon?

The future of retail shop formats

The changing store format has implications for every retailer, says Brian Walker.

5 priorities for the new retailer

Dennis Price gives his five tips for running a successful business in the new era of retail.

On the wild side: South African retail

Jon Bird discovers retail’s wild side in South Africa.

Embracing showrooming

You can’t fight the internet or bite the hand that feeds you. Instead, it’s time to reinvent retail and embrace showrooming, says Jon Bird.

In the box solutions for out of the box changes

Brian Walker’s tips for surviving the current structural change in retailing.

Scary good, or just scary?

When it comes to retail events and promotions in the US, it’s a case of go big or go home, says Jon Bird.