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Talking shop: Linda Leonard, Postie

CEO talks competing with global brands and putting the customer first.

10 practical tips to expand your brand to the US

“Follow up at least three times” and other lessons from Ettitude founder Pheobe Yu.

Nine ways to grow in a tough retail climate

Opinion: One small change makes the difference in turning a profit.

What can a customer forgive?

Sponsored: When mistakes occur, retaining a customer is often determined by what happens next.

Are you burnt out at work? Ask yourself these 4 questions

It’s becoming difficult to switch off from the workplace.

Small business urged to prepare for employment changes

Changes to the Employment Relations Act set to come into effect 6 May.

Director remuneration is increasing, but so is workload: report

Directors complain about “huge volume of information” they have to wade through.

Are retailers their own worst enemy? The shop windows say everything

Nothing has changed in over 20 years.

Any elephants in the room?

For all the projects, training schemes, improvement programmes and fast-track systems, retail still finds itself as a last resort to prospective employees.

When was the last time you measured your customer service?

Why are retailers focused on ‘experience’ when they can’t get basic customer care right?

Retail’s plastic onion

A proposed cutback of the single-use checkout bag is but a diversionary ploy

Beyond fabricated ambience, into retail auras

Retailers invest millions of dollars fabricating store ambience, so why doesn’t it always work?

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