Brian Walker

Brian Walker

As the principal and founder of Retail Doctor Group in the Australasian and Asian market place, Brian brings considerable senior experience gained in the specialty retail, franchising and shopping centre sectors.

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How to consider retail distribution

We are witnessing a shift from the universal to the highly individualistic consumer, writes Brian Walker.

How to communicate change

Brian Walker lays out the new model for adapting to change.

How to breed innovation

Brian Walker presents part two of his coverage of innovation.

Are we innovative retailers?

Brian Walker discusses retailers, idea incubation, and changing insights.

Where is the power?

The physical store experience needs to be dialled up, says Brian Walker.

When a strategy wastes time and money

Brian Walker asks, what is strategy without change?

Designing the real customer experience

Brian Walker looks at the many facets of the customer experience.

Does size or story matter more?

There are some clear factors in this changing cosmopolitan retail landscape, says Brian Walker.

2015 – the year of 20%

Brian Walker looks at the reason many performance improvement programs produce only marginal results.

It’s back to basics this Christmas

Brian Walker’s tips for Christmas sales success.

Discounting when there is nothing left to the imagination

Brian Walker explores the shopper psyche when it comes to discounted prices.

The future of retail shop formats

The changing store format has implications for every retailer, says Brian Walker.

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