Brian Walker

Brian Walker

As the principal and founder of Retail Doctor Group in the Australasian and Asian market place, Brian brings considerable senior experience gained in the specialty retail, franchising and shopping centre sectors.

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All things must pass

Brian Walker ponders over some of the older brands within the Premier Investments stable.

Ray Ban transforming optical retailing

Brian Walker looks at the iconic brand’s flagship store in SoHo.

How to build your brand’s trust economy

Consumer trust has emerged as the currency you cannot trade.

The changing skill sets to be a retailer

What are the professional role profiles of our future retailers?

How to breed innovation

Why is innovation typically lumped under the banner as product development or format refinement?

Leading the customer experience at the edge

Are today’s shopping centres being dumbed down?

Building the right growth model

Strategy without proper robust consumer insights is like surgery with a blunt scalpel.

Building award-winning retail

It’s no surprise that a revolutionary fast food concept has experienced runaway success and sustained international attention.

Longer boats are arriving and who manned the light house?

Australia is no longer an island economy.

Retail basics are so yesterday

The mechanics of stock turn are nowhere as sexy as digital interfaces at the POS, but is still if not more, crucially important.

Why underinvestment is hurting Australian retail

Think investment or risk customer divestment.

Which leadership style are you?

Over-managing details or under-leading with direction gives rise to operational difficulties.

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