Mindful Fashion NZ launches crowdfunding campaign

Mindful Fashion New Zealand is aiming to raise $30,000 to support the country’s garment industry and celebrate New Zealand-made clothing.

In a newly launched crowdfunding campaign Love Local, in conjunction with arts funding platform Boosted, Mindful Fashion announced it is aiming to raise funds to invest in three projects to support the future growth of the garment-making industry.

These projects include: Implementing an apprenticeship program to grow the industry and create future jobs; developing education programs to address industry challenges and access new opportunities; and creating a digital directory of local suppliers, so designers can find local providers of critical cutting, trimming, and sewing services.

Mindful Fashion, a group of the country’s leading clothing and textile businesses, is urging Kiwis to show love for local clothing makers, fabric suppliers, machinists, cutters, button-holers, pleaters and embroiderers – the backbone of the garment industry – as it fights for survival.

Kate Sylvester, Mindful Fashion founder, said there is a declining number of New Zealanders with garment construction skills, making it difficult for many designers to manufacture clothing locally.

“This skill shortage, in an industry faced by competition from global fast-fashion, means that we need to act now to protect the future of New Zealand-made clothes,” Sylvester said.

Sylvester said the current economic environment is also very challenging, and they have seen people in the industry go out of business.

“We want to see young designers and the craftspeople people behind them flourish.”

Mindful Fashion announced all donations to the Love Local Boosted campaign will receive a complimentary one year MFNZ Foundation Membership.

Mindful Fashion was established a year ago and is comprised of leading New Zealand designers, fabric suppliers and manufacturers who support the country’s clothing and textile industry that is inclusive and sustainable.


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