Business advocacy group launches online directory for local retailers

A new website is shining a spotlight on local retailers and making it easier for consumers to find and support them as the lockdown continues to ease in New Zealand.

ShopKiwi lists local businesses by category and links to their website and social media accounts, helping to facilitating online purchases.

More than 1000 local businesses including Ethique and The New Zealand Sock Company, are already listed on the site, according to a statement from BusinessNZ, the business advocacy group behind the ShopKiwi campaign, alongside Buy NZ Made. Many of the brands also are registered as being made in New Zealand.

The site rides a growing wave of support for local businesses, with regions and cities across the country launching their own campaigns to encourage residents to shop local.

Both BusinessNZ and Buy NZ Made say consumers are more interested in supporting local businesses right now.

“A recent survey of more than 1300 Kiwis indicated they are more likely to shop locally once the lockdown is lifted,” Dane Ambler, manager of the ShopKiwi campaign, said in a statement.

Ryan Jennings, executive director of Buy NZ Made, backs this up.

“We know consumer behaviour has shifted, and the fact that a business is New Zealand owned, and a product is New Zealand made, are more important than ever for kiwis when purchasing,” he said in a statement.

In addition to signing up for ShopKiwi, a large number have applied for the Buy NZ Made trademark in response to this shift in consumer behaviour.

“In the last week, we’ve seen six months’ worth of applications in a single week,” Jennings said.

Staying on top of consumer trends will be critical for retailers’ survival over the coming months, according to Ambler.

“As the wage subsidy comes to an end, the most important thing for these businesses will be getting money into the till from customers,” he said.


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