New poll: Has bullying ever occurred in your workplace?

Mecca is facing multiple claims of bullying, discrimination and favouritism in the workplace, according to a story published in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on Monday.

The claims were first published by the anonymous Instagram account @Esteelaundry, and appear to have been taken seriously by Mecca, which has appointed an external culture specialist to advise the company on what it can do better and established an anonymous workplace complaints hotline, according to the report.

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age spoke to one former retail worker who said she was fired after complaining to her manager about the bullying she had experienced. A former makeup artist said her anxiety worsened due to the poor workplace culture, and a head-office worker described the culture as “cult-like”.

The claims are surprising because Mecca has been named one of the best places to work in Australia for six years. This perhaps is evidence of just how pervasive workplace bullying is.

The University of South Australia recently released a new framework to treat workplace bullying as a health and safety hazard, citing a recent study that found Australia was home to one of the worst workplace bullying in the developed world. It ranked sixth highest out of 31 European countries.

Around 10 per cent of Australian employees admit to being bullied at work, the University said in a statement, but that figure may hide the true extent of the problem, with much antisocial workplace behaviour going unreported and research suggesting up to two-thirds of workers may experience unfair treatment on the job.

In light of that, we are curious to hear about your experiences with workplace bullying. Take part in our new poll, and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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