Retail initiative seeks to unify safety standards

An initiative to deliver stronger health and safety measures to New Zealand retailers launched last night, after receiving funding from the ACC’s Workplace Injury Prevention Grant scheme. 

ShopCare brings together senior leaders from a diverse group of businesses, headed up by former Countdown general manager of logistics Liz May, and will initially focus on the food and grocery category. 

“One of the most significant challenges currently facing the retail and supply chain industry is the lack of consistency in health and safety systems,” May said. 

“Organisations have their own way of doing things and as a result when we have employees and suppliers moving between companies there is not a uniform set of health and safety standards. 

“We aim to address the challenges of overlapping responsibilities between companies and agree a common language and standards which can be applied across the industry.”

According to May, ShopCare will help businesses to identify and address critical industry risks, and create an industry aligned charter of change to help the food and grocery retail and supply chain sector. 

Over time, the initiatives created will scale and spread across to more segments of the retail industry. 

According to ShopCare, 1 in 10 New Zealanders work in the retail supply chain sector, and the group wants to ensure each of them gets home safely at the end of their shift. 


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