Poll: Is your business taking climate action?

The question of the role of business in recent debates around the impacts of climate change has appeared several times in the last few weeks, with the recent climate strikes setting off a collective conversation regarding the issue.

Several New Zealand businesses, such as Countdown, NZ Post, Ecostore and Ethique, recently voiced their support of the government sponsored Gen Less initiative – which aims to help local businesses reduce their climate footprint.

Countdown general manager for safety and sustainability Kiri Hannifin said there was no denying the impact that climate change is having on the planet. 

“At Countdown, we’ve got an unwavering focus on reducing our emissions and, since 2016, we’ve reduced them by 21 per cent,” Hannifin said. 

“We absolutely agree that by using less, we can have more. That’s why we are really proud to be a part of Gen Less, and encourage anyone wanting to do their bit to join this exciting movement.”

Big-box retailer The Warehouse Group recently also announced that it had achieved carboNZero certification – the first large New Zealand company, and the third major retailer in the world, to do so. 

“We’re ready to play our part for the ongoing health of our people, Aotearoa New Zealand, and the planet… this is just one step in our environmental journey, but we are excited about the progress we are making,” The Warehouse Group chief executive Nick Grayson said. 

So, we want to know – does your business aim to take more direct action on climate-related issues?

Is your business taking climate action?


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