Poll: Do you offer click and collect as a fulfilment option?

More and more retailers are offering click and collect as a fulfilment option for online orders. That means shoppers can choose to pick up their order in a nearby store, rather than have it delivered to their house.

Often, consumers consider this to be a more convenient delivery method, since many people aren’t home to receive parcels during the day, and few people want to spend their weekend at the post office to collect a missed order. For certain items, like clothes or shoes, customers can also try on their purchases in-store and quickly return them if they don’t fit.

For retailers, there are benefits and drawbacks to the fulfilment method. Some businesses say it lifts their online conversion rate, and others say it leads to higher in-store sales (since customers have to go in-store to collect their order, and may end up adding one or two more items to their basket).

Ultimately, retailers are tasked with following their customers, but at the same time, click and collect requires significant investment in logistics and backend software to execute properly.

So we’re curious to hear: where do you sit on this topic? Vote in our new poll, and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Do you offer click and collect as a fulfilment option?


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