Catalogues: cosmetics’ number one

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By Kellie Northwood, CEO, Australasian Catalogue Association.

In New Zealand, the Clothing, cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceutical sector has seen the largest increase in business numbers across retail since 2000. In 2014, it was the largest sector in terms of value added with NZ$3.3 billions. To not be left behind in this growing industry, it is critical for retailers to know which media channels drive sales efficiently. Catalogues rank first as the media most useful when making a purchasing decision in the Cosmetics and Toiletries sector at 36 per cent. They outperform the internet (26 per cent) as the most useful media in the path-to-purchase of New Zealand consumers, way ahead of magazines which come third with 10 per cent, and television which is fourth with only 4 per cent.

Not only are catalogues the most proficient media channels in the path-to-purchase for the Cosmetics sector, catalogues also deliver amazing results in terms of ROI:

  • Readership at 70 per cent of unaddressed catalogues with the population 14+years old;
  • 64 per cent of New Zealanders read catalogues within 24 hours with 55 per cent reading while sitting down
  • Audience reach of 3.88 million New Zealanders in 2016.
  • 74 per cent of consumers report catalogues helps with preplanning purchases.

More than ever, catalogues are a strong performing media channel, and it is particularly true in the pharmacy sector with more than one in four New Zealanders having read a pharmacy catalogue in the last 4 weeks.

Pharmacy catalogues outperform other media because customers and retailers have built a perfect blend of communication –  it’s working for them both in brand awareness but most critically in delivering strong sales results.

With 64 per cent of New Zealanders reading catalogues within 24 hours, they offer the brands a significant amount of time with their customers, strengthening their relationship and building brand recognition. More, a well-produced catalogue which stays true to the brand will foster large amounts of brand loyalty, with the customer satisfied they are viewing in a brand space that is familiar to them.

This is certainly the approach adopted by Nutrimetics, the fresh handmade cosmetics brand, and double winner at the 2016 Annual ACA Catalogue Awards – in the ‘Cosmetics’ and ‘Promoting Charities, Not-for-profit, Awareness Campaigns and Public Information’ categories.

Rochelle Potter, deputy managing director said: “For almost half a century, Nutrimetics’ reputation has been forged on word of mouth. With no storefronts or expensive ad campaigns, we continue to thrive as Australia’s No.1 Direct Selling Beauty Company. Our traditional print brochures play a critical role as brand experience tools that compliment our digital platforms. In an industry that moves as dynamically as beauty, brochures will always play a huge role in our communications. They enable us to literally put our brand in the hands of prospective customers and consultants alike and inspire them with a format that is truly vibrant, visual and shoppable.”

With customisation on the rise, retailers are now able to create tailored catalogue experiences for their customers and extend the level of customer service and attention they deliver in store. No doubt, it will be difficult to depose catalogues from their reign on top.


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